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This game was created as an assignment for the course Advanced Game Design & Development at Reykjavik University. The assignment had the constraint that the game had to be Local 2-player, with only 3 buttons to control each player. Also, each round or playthrough of the game should take 2 minutes or less.

Development team:

    Andri Karel Júlíusson
    Guðjón Steinar Sverrisson
    Hlynur Stefánsson
    Smári Björn Gunnarsson   

The goal of the game is to shoot the ball in any of the 3 portals of the opponent. Each round lasts 2 minutes, and the player with the highest score wins at the end of that time.


    - Quit: Escape

    - Blue player:

        - Move left: A
        - Move right: D
        - Use Bumper: S

    - Red player:

        - Move left: J
        - Move right: L
        - Use Bumper: K


To play, simple download and extract the .rar file, and then run the RoboSoccer.exe file.


RoboSoccer.rar 22 MB

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